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Warm but not too warm - Nordic Scandinavian style interior design to avoid lightning

Updated: May 18, 2022

2022-01-27 04:22

We think that the Nordic style is mainly white or light gray. The overall decoration should give people a simple and bright feeling. The cool color tile decoration, or the use of log floors, can fully reflect the simple Nordic style.

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⚡️European style elk headdress, green plant hanging pictures, small string lights flamingo ≠ Nordic style

⚡️White ≠ the main color of Nordic style decoration

⚡️Simple ≠ Blank

🛋 The actual Nordic style:

🌱The accumulation of various decorations with different characteristics will only cover the characteristics of the Nordic house, creating a multi-element and disturbing space.

🌱No one stipulates that white is the main color of Nordic style, and the concept of "style is life" is deeply rooted in the hearts of every Nordic person. All furniture and accessories are presented to customers who love design, are full of energy and have insight into life.

🌱 Simplicity does not mean nothing. Most owners mistakenly believe that "white space" is "simplicity" when creating a simple Nordic style. The furniture should be white, and the design style should be less and more refined. In fact, it is not. The so-called "simple" only uses suitable elements and color matching to set off the function and atmosphere of the space and highlight the refreshing and comfortable feeling.

✨So, the core of Nordic style is not in the color matching, not in the style of painting, but in "people" - you are the most important existence in this home. Simple decoration, good-looking furniture, for practical purposes, remove the complicated decoration, in order to show the perfection in the decoration.

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