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As a design-build contractor, we work with our clients from the initial conception of a project all the way to its completion. Every aspect of the job is managed by our professional crew and we include our customers in every step of the design process until the project is completed.


Interior Design

Exterior Design

Site Evaluation + Planning

Materials Selections

Furniture Design and Sourcing

Renderings + 3D Modeling

Construction Drawings


House Improvement



New Construction

Material Sourcing & Purchasing

Plumbing Alternations

Electricity Alternations

Heating Alternations

Repairing Service

Building Permit

Architectural Drawing

Plumbing Drawing

Electrical Drawing

Violation Handling


General Contracting

Construction Management

Post-construction Services




Our loan team is strives to finance you as much fund as possible for you at the lowest interest rate on the market.

Asset Management

Our fund carefully picks and invests in target properties with investment potential  and flips them into new houses for sale. Join our fund to grasp the opportunity to grow with us.

Law Supporting Services

Our lawyer team is always ready to give you all sorts of legal assistance  to save more of your time and money.

Taxation Management

Our professional tax consultant will help you save more money after prudently evaluating your personal wealth.

Branding & Design

Our branding & design consultant will help you craft a tailor-made brand visual, contents, website and other marketing materials to help you stand-out in the marketplace.

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